Stand Alone HTML Reader

Update Information

The current download version of The Stand Alone HTML Reader is 2.035
(Minor updates (e.g. 'a') might not be signalled in the Application Version Number)

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If a small window appears asking you to 'Rate this App' you are probably using Microsoft Edge. This has nothing to do with me and is simply an intrusive Microsoft request - Please Ignore it!

If you have any problems with the application in Windows, please check that you have the option:
'Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows' checked.
This option is found in All Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options under 'Update Status'
once this is checked, please select the 'Check for updates' option to check for any necessary Microsoft updates

(Digital certification costs $500 a year (isn't capitalism wonderful!), so this application is not digitally signed.
You might be asked whether you 'trust' the provider when attempting to install it.
If you are alerted to this: click the options 'More Info' then  'Run Anyway' to install it.)

While I understand the rationale for issuing digital certificates, the annual charge for this seems (to me) absurdly excessive. Despite assurances from organizations which issue such certificates, certified applications can still compromise users' computers.

This application includes a recent version of The History and Nature of Capitalism.

To update this version, once the HTML Reader is installed, select 'Update Exploring Capitalism - The Book' from the drop down File Menu list.
If there is a newer version, it will be downloaded, installed into the HTML Reader Folder and updated in the Reader. Otherwise you will be told you have the latest version.

When opening files within The History and Nature of Capitalism which are marked as 'external' - i.e. accessed from the internet - the applicarion will open them in Internet Explorer 11 - a superceded browser.
How to copy an internet address and paste into your own web browser (use this alternative when the site does not open as expected in the default web browser of the 'HTML Reader' app): Right Click (or long-press) on the clickable external file name and select 'copy shortcut' then open your web browser, select a new tab and paste the copied address into the address bar .
Hopefully Microsoft will soon automatically open any address directed to 'Internet Explorer' in its Edge browser (anything is possible!)

Since I, like you, value my privacy, this reader includes no tracking or feed back features of any kind.

All versions of this application are free.
  • This Application provides a means of reading HTML formatted files on your own computer. Updated versions of the application will be posted here as features are adjusted/augmented over time.