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Hard-Copy and Electronic File Library Application
Create multiple libraries for all your information

NEW: Version 9. 2. 2. 1 -  Windows 8.1 Compliant and free
 Library Information:
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Library Types Handled...

(Create as many libraries as you need)
Books, Journals, Magazines, CDs, Videos...
         [any Hard-Copy Collections]
All Types of Graphics Files 
         [Videos, Photographs, JPGs, GIFs...]
All Types of Audio Files 
         [Podcasts, Music...]
All HTML Documents
         [Copy Internet information to a Library]
All PDF/Textual/Word Processing Documents
         [Save PDF Files into a Library]



 Create and control multiple libraries of both hard-copy materials and electronic files 

 Enter podcasts, music and other audio files into audio libraries

 Develop your own libraries of hard-copy books, DVDs, CDs, Contents of filing cabinets...    
 Use the simplified but professional library classification features
 Take advantage of the automated lending features for Hard Copy Collections

 Develop libraries of information from internet sources
 Prepare information using the full featured HTML Editor and access through the Reader
 Access internet reference sources from inside your Library Application

 Create photographic and graphics libraries
 Use the wide range of graphics viewing and editing features

 Create video libraries and view and edit video files
 Use the wide range of graphics viewing and editing features

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Download from Yankee Downloads
Get it from 3K Downloads
Download from BrotherSoft
Download from GearDownload.com
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Important information for Windows95, Windows98, NT4 Users