Capitalism and a Commoditised World

Exploring the Nature of Capitalism

The posts to this blog category have been reorganised as a book entitled The History and Nature of Capitalism which includes rewritten versions of 9 of the Capitalism blog entries, linked through a wide range of clickable footnotes (obviously this is all designed as an ebook (a hard copy version would make for a very unwieldy book)).

The book can be accessed from here: The History and Nature of Capitalism: The Book

We, in Western communities, live in a commoditised world. In a manner never before seen in human society, Western peoples convert anything and everything into money-making commodities – objects which can be exploited for profit – and believe that it is ‘natural’ to do so. Vast financial and promotional industries have grown over the past three hundred years, driven by and dedicated to the commoditisation of the world.

The Western need to accumulate money inevitably results in more and more of the forms of activity, interaction and organisation which people perceive as important to themselves, being exploited for profit. The consequence is the commoditisation of society.

To understand the nature and consequences of this burgeoning commoditisation of everything around us, we need to ask why we feel such a deep need to accumulate material wealth; to make everything around us a source of material profit.

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