The History and Nature of Capitalism: The Book

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It is time to draw the threads together and present the articles in this blog series on capitalism as an integrated whole. The result is a book entitled The History and Nature of Capitalism which includes rewritten versions of 9 of the Capitalism blog entries, linked through a wide range of clickable footnotes (obviously this is all designed as an ebook (a hard copy version would make for a very unwieldy book)).

I have reworked each of the articles to take into account ideas developed in later entries and, also, to address issues which have emerged in the course of this rewriting. I reserve the right, as I return to the text from time to time, to alter anything I decide needs further reworking.

I think this is one of the real virtues of the ebook format – nothing needs to be set in stone (or paper) and so mistakes, careless language, loose thinking, and material which is being misunderstood or misinterpreted can be addressed over time. If major changes are made I’ll signal this by posting a new version showing the revision date.

The book, like the earlier blog entries, has been written using the Complete Home Library application’s HTML editor. This application is available for download (sorry, I have only written a Windows version of it).

A library of the blog entries is also available for download, for use in the application. To access it, select ‘Download demonstration libraries’ from the Help menu in the main Complete Home Library screen. From the HTML page which is accessed, select the library ‘Anthropology and the Western World (updated 8th October 2010)’ and download it to your computer desktop. Leave it on your desktop, the application will unpack it if it is already running or will unpack the downloaded file when you next run it.

The download versions of the book below, present the complete set of writings in a form which will allow you to follow footnoting to other sections of the book without having to be connected to the internet. If you move to other sections, and want to return to your place in the book, right-click and select the option ‘back’, this will return you to your previous location.

I have left the ‘Comments’ option for each of the chapters so that, should something occur to you while reading, or should you have suggestions for improving the content, you can provide feedback for each section. To comment on the whole book, please use the Comments option below. I assure you that I do take into account the ideas of others in developing mine.

Spring has arrived in my neck of the woods, the lawns are growing so fast you can almost see the grass getting longer, and there is much to do in the garden so I’ll concentrate on that for the next couple of months (and, yes, I will find time to take the boat out once in a while (life is hell!)). But, I will be back.

The next series will focus on the present impact of capitalism, both on people and on our environments. I look forward to sharing ideas with you then.

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HTML (zipped ‘.htm’ file) Version
Kindle (zipped ‘.mobi’ file) Version
Ebook (zipped ‘.epub’ file) Version
Ebook (zipped ‘.pdf’ file) Version
(with clickable footnotes – if you’re using a PDF Reader which recognises them – Try Foxit Reader if your’s doesn’t)

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    Very good subject and very well thought out. I am by no means well versed in the subject, but I think that the most interesting anthropological aspect of capitalism, especially from a global perspective, is that it allows everyone to speak the same “language” and be predictably motivated by the same forces. When people are motivated by commodities and profit, they are much more likely to get along, or at least tolerate each other for profit, than when motivated by religion or power.

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    Capitalism is the ONLY way to go. God did NOT make each person equal to the other. Only that HE looks at each one of us as His creation. To one another, there are many differences in how we look, act, and think. God gave us HIS FREE WILL. Therefore, as a human being, we should have the freewill to make money or give it away. We should be able to make our own choices on what we want to do with that money. However, we do not have the right to force another person to take care of us if we choose not to take care of ourselves. Having said that, to live in a welfare state would end up a total disaster to that society as Margaret Thatcher said, “what happens when you run out of other people’s money?” (not exact quote) Sooner or later, the workers will not want to work anymore. Then what would society do? Charity should NOT be forced upon someone and the government should not TAKE the people’s money to pay for that charity (welfare programs) because it will always end badly: not enough ‘stuff’; no incentive to take care of self by working; unreasonable demands on the working class. TRUE charity is an individual’s personal decision to give to another person or organization. To force that person to give IS NOT CHARITY. It is a pyramid scheme. There is no other way but CAPITALISM. However, as Jesus said, “You will always have the poor with you.” So, that tells me that capitalism in its purest honest form, is the worthiest of all. Socialism, Marxism, Communism, and any other ISMs are slave-type economies where only the rich will survive; only those in charge or at the top of the ladder, will have anything. In each of those ISMs, ask yourself this question, “will that rich person sell what he has to give to you?” “Is it right to take from someone else when they worked for it and YOU DID NOT?” Most people, when they have worked at a job and bring home a paycheck, have a real pride in knowing that it was done so out of integrity, honor, and CAPITALISM. They enjoy the fruits of their labors. If you believe in the Holy Bible, there is absolutely NOTHING in that book that tells us that we must all work and work and work and then hand over our earnings to those who do not want to work. Even the mere thought of that, makes my skin crawl. It is usually the person who is UNEDUCATED, and ignorant of truth who will demand that you, the educated, the learned, the informed person, GIVE THEM OR SHARE WITH THEM WHAT YOU WORKED SO HARD FOR. Yes, there are those who would exploit others – they will always be there, even with the ISMs. THERE IS NO PERFECT SOCIETY AND THERE NEVER WILL BE UNTIL JESUS COMES AGAIN. Until then, I know that God would want us to follow the 10 commandments, work hard every day, and help those that need help through our own FREE WILL. There is the key: FREE WILL. If you have no freedom, you are as good as dead anyways. What would be the point of living?

    BE VERY, VERY, CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR IN THIS LIFE. You will pay for it in one way or another. To force another person to do anything against his/her will (economically, financially, and those things), you WILL create an enemy. Capitalism is NOT without its flaws, for as there is a good and gracious God to giveth, there is also the devil who taketh away. And, if you don’t believe in good and evil in those terms, then why force your unbelief on someone else? POWER. Everyone seems to want POWER, which sooner or later, destroys the soul.

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