Capitalism and parables: It’s all about gardening!

Exploring the Nature of Capitalism
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Look around you – wherever you live – and you will see the result of uncontrolled capitalism. It is rampant. It has out-competed all other forms of material need and want provision and, in the process, has choked communities and fouled environments.

Thoroughly regulated and subordinated to the requirements of communities, it can be a positive, very effective means of material need and want provision. Unregulated and internationalized, it rapidly grows into a rampant ecological and social disaster.

The problem is not capitalism, it is us!!

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3 Responses to “Capitalism and parables: It’s all about gardening!”

  1. Elenor Wieben says:

    knowledge is power

  2. Regena says:

    Really good publish, I seriously will enjoy posts by you.

  3. Ramiro says:

    hello, awesome blog, and a very good understand! definitely one for my favorites.