Capitalism: global restructuring, sovereign debt, benign bloc politics, safety nets and New Year’s resolutions

Exploring the Nature of Capitalism

It’s a brand new year, the wrapping is only half off and it’s more than a little scary!

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s face it, we’ve lost control. Unregulated internationalized capitalism is in the driving seat, and it is demanding that countries, communities and individuals subordinate themselves to its needs and interests .

As countries find themselves with unmanageable sovereign debt , they are being subjected to ‘structural adjustment’ to make them more accountable – and vulnerable – to an internationalized capitalism which has gained the whip hand.

It now demands that we accept our lot; that we reduce our lives and our vision to its horizons; that we accept that we are nothing more than a malleable, expendable ‘workforce’ for its activities and a ‘consumer base’ for its products.

As this happens, you and I are similarly being ‘adjusted’ to the requirements of an unregulated capitalist world .

It’s time to take back control of our communities and our individual lives.

It’s time to make capitalism the servant and not the master of countries, communities and individuals.

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